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Postby spank » Fri 12.02.2005 5:50 am

hey, i'm reading an adult japanese book. its really adult because it deals with murder and rape etc. anyways, its good practice for learning kanji.

I have a few questions about sentence structure. maybe some of you can help me out.
firstly, is this translation close?
until now, also being effective on the mouth, to the woman's body....
secondly, verb+ のも. does の make the verb action into a noun (gerund), and then も、 means also?

this verb form eludes me too....
男は、思ってもいなかった so what does a te form verb + mo inakatta mean?

lastly, 生ぐさい、 what does this word mean, and how is it read?

thanks everyone.
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RE: 殺人者

Postby skrhgh3b » Fri 12.02.2005 7:01 pm

woah, i'm not sure that even qualifies as a translation. maybe you should try something a little more adolescent? i recommend anything that begins along the lines of: 「むかしむかし、ある村に、おじいさんとおばあさんが住んでありました。」
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RE: 殺人者

Postby spank » Fri 12.02.2005 7:36 pm

could anyone help me with this sentence structure , instead of being mildly patronizing?
translations are welcome.
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RE: 殺人者

Postby Justin » Fri 12.02.2005 9:17 pm

Let me see if I can lend you a hand by providing you with some hints…


口を効く = to speak / to talk


Let’s try to break things down here a bit…

思ってもいなかった = didn’t even think
思っていなかった = didn’t think
思っていない = not thinking
思っている = thinking

も there is used just to add some extra stress to the fact he didn’t “even” think (about something or…yeah I don’t really know, would need some more context to really say)

生ぐさい = 生臭い = なまぐさい = fishy (smelling)


Not for sure on this one, never seen嵩上げ before, maybe with some more context (a topic would be helpful) we could figure something out.
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RE: 嵩上げ

Postby coco » Fri 12.02.2005 10:52 pm

Justin wrote:
も there is used just to add some extra stress to the fact he didn’t “even” think (about something or… )

「見ようとしないで〜」 もまた 「見ようとしないで〜」
「〜しようとしないで〜」は 「〜しようと しない(で〜)」(> しようとする) の 強調として使われています。


「嵩(かさ)上(あ)げ 」 とは
? 国「物(建築物)などの 高さを増すこと。
? 金額を増やすこと

「水増(みずま)し」 「上(あ)げ底(ぞこ)」などがあります。

……えっと。ここでは 読んでおられる本の内容から推測して、

(彼女の乳房は)垂れるほど 大きいわけでもなく、
(padなどを使って) 大きく見せなければならないほど小さくもない。
(要するに [手頃な/好みの] 大きさの胸だ、という趣旨)

これが、もし橋梁(きょうりょう)についての説明だったら かなり恥ずかしい:D
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RE: 殺人者

Postby spank » Sat 12.03.2005 4:58 am

ya thanks, i think this is describing a woman's breast. I wasn't going to say for risk of embarassment. To be honest, I'm a dirty old man who likes to read japanese adult literature. Justin, thanks for the fish smelling word. How did you know it? Coco, are you a native born Japanese? You must be a pro. Thanks for your helps.

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RE: 殺人者

Postby Suziepoo » Sat 12.03.2005 8:10 am

never a dull moment here.
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