japanese adverbs.....

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japanese adverbs.....

Post by spank » Fri 12.16.2005 7:04 am

these, i need to learn....so i can explain things.
i only know a few. does anyone know some common adverbs or web sites that have a list or adverbs.

moreover, can someone go over these adverbial sentences and tell me if my translations are okay? its a lot to ask, but hey, make it an early christmas gift...!!:D thanks......spanker!!

As always, Suzuki is eating lunch at the park.

In the end, it was not understood by anybody.

( quick question here, why is it dare ni mo?
i don't understand why the "ni" is there?)

やはり(矢張り?) 会社の代理人として、会議に出席しなくてはなりません
After all, as the company's representative, you must attend the meeting.
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RE: japanese adverbs.....

Post by Harisenbon » Fri 12.16.2005 8:28 am

The に in this sentence means "by". It's not necessarily needed though. It's just a different way of saying:
In the end, no one understood.

Also, I think it's best if you don't use the Kanji for やはり . Even though it might be correct, I don't think it is ever used.

Also Also. ;) I think 代侮メ is better than 代理人 for this sentence.

Triple Also. Do the second and third sentences really have adverbs in them? I'm not seeing them. The first one as 相変わらず, but what are the adverbs in 2 and 3?
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RE: japanese adverbs.....

Post by spank » Fri 12.16.2005 10:14 am

Wow, Harisen. You sure know a lot about this language. I'll take your advice about those changes.

I think I may have incorrectly labelled them as adverbs when they are really adverbial expressions that modify sentence clauses. (santa clauses?) :o

やはり、結局 ...in the end, after all......

But do you know where I can find more of these Japanese words:

such as tonikaku, naruhodo, sekkaku, mochiron.....i want to learn more of these to flesh out my japanese writing style.

thanks harisen

spank B)

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