If im killed by a ninja

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If im killed by a ninja

Post by C0kaCoLa » Sun 12.18.2005 1:15 am

Im thinking is there any slight difference between a word that has many meanings..like maybe the pronounciation...for example hashi means chopstick and bridge and some other things also right..so confusing...

then wat is this suppose to mean:
lets say if im killed by a ninja and i have 10 seconds more before i die..then my friends come along and i give them a clue "watashi wa hanashi ga mimasu".

i dont know if my sentence is correct or not though..

will my friends know that im talking about bridge or chopstick?

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RE: If im killed by a ninja

Post by L33TNINJA » Sun 12.18.2005 1:32 am

you said hanashi which means a speach/talk. but, if you said hashi, it would be either chopstick (HAshi) or bridge (haSHI). HA! my name is L33TNINJA!! I prolly was the ninja.

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RE: If im killed by a ninja

Post by yankumi » Sun 12.18.2005 1:47 am

well, no, they probably wouldn't have any idea because there is no context. English is full of the same sort of homonyms that can confuse people when you have no context. There is no special code for Japanese that would let someone know what you meant. I can't think of a specific example right now, but I am sure you have had situations with a friend where they said oh! I thought you meant ---- when you really meant -----.

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RE: If im killed by a ninja

Post by mandolin » Sun 12.18.2005 4:32 am

If the dying person (you) were talking to a total stranger, he might draw out the first few strokes of that kanji he meant by hashi with his finger on the ground or in the air. Just enough so the person would know if he means bridge or chopsticks.

And I think it would be more like:

ore...... *cough hack* hashi ga..... *hack hack spit* mitai....... *cough passout*


EDIT: hoshi, hashi, stars, chopsticks. whatever.
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RE: If im killed by a ninja

Post by Infidel » Sun 12.18.2005 9:12 pm


How do you know If cleave means split apart or cling together? How do you know if park means a pretty place to hang out or a place to stick your car?

If someone runs at you with a sword and cries, "HASHI!" The first thought on my mind wouldn't be, "Bridge? Sorry man, I don't know where the bridge is." Nor would I reach for my chopsticks to fight the guy off.

Likewise, If a guy lay bleeding at my feet and said hashi, I wouldn't run into the nearest resutoran to fetch some hashi, I'd tear off my belt and try to make a tourniquet.

This is why many books advise against worrying about inflection, at least initially. If you speak uninflected any Japanese person will understand you because of context. And because different accents break the inflection rules and because Japanese people are used to dealing with people with different accents, they won't have a problem understanding you. But when you finally can speak with the proper inflection your Japanese will be "more" understandable and "more" natural sounding.

The main thing is don't try to learn inflection from books. Just listen carefully to Japanese people and pretend you're a monkey.

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RE: If im killed by a ninja

Post by ryuubu » Tue 12.20.2005 12:23 pm

The two words have different pitches, though this can differ from dialect to dialect. There's a little bit about this on MYMYMYMY page :D:D about kansaiben


Another word that has two different pitches is ame - rain or candy.

This makes things so gosh darn chinese :@

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