double "mo"

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double "mo"

Post by spank » Sun 12.18.2005 9:29 pm

grammatic question please.
here's the sentence.

Please accept what little comfort these words can give you.

first quandry: how does the double "mo" function?
second: nagusamu is inflected to nagusame ni - what does this mean?
thirdly, how does this sentence translate to the english equivalent?

thanks everyone...;)
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RE: double "mo"

Post by Harisenbon » Mon 12.19.2005 2:01 am

The two もs are from two different clauses. Grammatically, they have no connection, although the meaning is similar. I would hesitate to call them "double moes"

慰める is to comofort or console, especially in the case of departed spirits.

The literal translation would be something like:
Even if I say these things, they won't be hardly any consolation, but ...

こんなことを -- These things
言っても -- Even if I say
大した -- Important (with negative use -- hardly)
慰めにも -- not even
なりません -- be (polite)
が -- however...

That help
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RE: double "mo"

Post by Shibakoen » Wed 12.21.2005 11:31 pm

It's common to see two mo's or two to's paired together. It's not always necessary, but sentances like these are common. "____ mo [to] ____ mo [to] _predicate_."

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RE: double "mo"

Post by spank » Thu 12.22.2005 6:25 am

Thank you two. That's helpful.

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