umm...little help here

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umm...little help here

Post by spank » Fri 12.23.2005 7:38 pm

I'm having trouble with the volitional form of japanese verbs.
aka, base 5, aka +ou form.

I know 4 ways to use this form.
It's already late, so let's go home.
Shall we come again tomorrow?
I think I will go to my friend's house today.
The teacher is about to start the lesson.

so...i know 4 endings for this form.
i) +...(no ending) - inclusive command
ii)+ ka - shall we..
iii)+ to omou...i think i will
iv)+ to about to...

My questions are, are there any other forms for base 5? also, i have seen base 5 + と....can someone please elucidate how that form works?

ex. 君が何と言おうと、彼は相変わらずそれをしないだろう。


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RE: umm...little help here

Post by ryuubu » Sat 12.24.2005 1:28 am

Hmm for ようとする I would give it more of a 'try to' meaning, with a connotation that s/o isn't succeeding very well.

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RE: umm...little help here

Post by lomagu » Sun 12.25.2005 11:04 pm

君が何と言おうと - means "no matter what you say". Usually when I see ようと it's got something after it, so I don't really know. It could be mostly used for expressions.

I found a couple other examples:
いれたてのコーヒーを飲もうと席に着く - sit down to a cup of fresh coffee
どこへ行こうとあなたの自由です。- You're free to go anywhere.

I can't really explain these though.. sorry
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