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two grammar questions

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two grammar questions

Postby spank » Wed 12.28.2005 8:04 am


The interpersonal relationship is becoming thin while the method of communications increases over many kinds. It is mistaking the means for the end exactly.
what is this (verb base 2 + tsutsu aru) grammar mean? i've never seen it before?

The higher we go up, thinner the air becomes.
also, (verb base 4 + reba + verb base 3 + hodo), does this mean, the more one does [verb]....?

thanks! :D
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RE: two grammar questions

Postby zengargoyle » Wed 12.28.2005 9:20 am

(Vconj) + つつある -> (suf) to be doing ~; to be in the process of doing ~. (according to the rikaixul firefox plugin.. :o it's not in my grammar book.)

(Vcond) + ば ~ ほど/だけ -> "the more ~ the more"; expresses a proportional relationship between two actions or states.

the more i look at this picture, the more beautiful it is.

the more you study language, the more interesting it becomes.
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RE: two grammar questions

Postby coco » Wed 01.04.2006 3:44 pm

要するに ing=つつある のようなものではないかと思いますが…。
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