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Post by Infidel » Mon 01.09.2006 7:11 am

I can't help but think that even with the different kanji, this word originated from natsu, Something like wishing for summer, or remembering summer. Kasu means change to which seems to hint even more strongly in this direction. Something like change from summer as in remembering the changes since summer (of life).

I'm probably completely off, but when I'm studying I can't help but make associations like these.

edit- fixed a few of the really bad grammar so Tony head doesn't explode. :P

edit2- noticed my first edit was slightly ironic. But I'm leaving it anyway.
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RE: natsukashii

Post by spank » Mon 01.09.2006 10:19 am

oh, do you mean the etymology (origin) of the word is from "summer and change"?
i see what you mean. only, the japanese adopted this kanji to mean, "missed or desired" right? not 夏、化す
懐かしい = natsukashii
I guess its like that discussion of oishii. the word existed before the kanji was used to describe it.
that's interesting actually. well, gotta go to school.

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RE: natsukashii

Post by AJBryant » Mon 01.09.2006 12:19 pm

noticed my first edit was slightly ironic. But I'm leaving it anyway.

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