Apologies..please Forgive

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RE: Apologies..please Forgive

Post by aKuMu » Sat 01.14.2006 6:06 am

i dont know about the others but... i dont get most of your threads...seriously

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RE: Apologies..please Forgive

Post by b4d0m3n » Sat 01.14.2006 7:13 am

What the hell? I don't turn up for a day and something happens?

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RE: Apologies..please Forgive

Post by redfoxer » Sat 01.14.2006 9:03 am

well tjp is the place to be ;)

purple heart, im sure everyone forgives you.

we understand that english is not your first language (hence alot of what you say doesnt make sense) so just enjoy yourself. you take everything too personally. even if it wasnt directed at you.

please try to understand the language (english) before criticizing others using it. (i dont consider porcupine fish or blue ocean(i think someone said that once) offensive...)
we are glad to have you at TJP.

Just please try to understand our rules and abide by them. That way, everyone wins.

For a nice synonym (i dont know if i used it correctly but it sure sounds cool): You dont visit japan and ignore their rules and culture. its even worse when you take offense to the japanese they use and not actually understand what they meant.

I'm sure things will be ok. Just enjoy youself and happy japanese learning.

ganbarimashou ne.


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