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Post by amego » Sat 01.14.2006 11:56 am

i'm just wondering if they are the same...i think they are the same, i read somewhere that -te iru = -teru as a colloquial contraction...but judging at the frequent usage, i kinda doubt it...may i ask if aishiteru=i love you, because love is a continuous action, and aishite iru= i'm loving you? (well they also seems to be pretty much the same in english haha) i discover that being bored is taikutsushiteru, also a continuous action

thanx :D

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RE: aishiteru=aishiteiru?

Post by richvh » Sat 01.14.2006 12:19 pm

Richard VanHouten

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RE: aishiteru=aishiteiru?

Post by mechakucha » Sat 01.14.2006 12:28 pm

"teru" is basically the colloquial short form of "te-iru".
So "aishiteru=aishiteiru",
well, it'll be kinda awkward saying "aishiteiru" or worse "aishiteimasu" to someone you love.

Anyway, there are many forms of "-te iru"
The most common is the "~ing" form.
And then there are the:
1. ~te iru for habitual actions which something that is happening and still
eg. shiteiru = know
sundeiru = live
wakatteru = understand (implying "I know what you talking about now")
So the same thing applies for "aishiteru" = love
e.g. "Maiasa itsumo nattou wo tabeteimasu"="I eat natto every morning"
"kekkon wo shiteimasen"="I'm not married" and not "kekkon wo shimasen" which implies "I won't marry"

2. ~te iru for (~has/have)
e.g. Ano eiga wo miteimashita ka?
Have you watched that movie?
Or Did you watched that movie?
depending on the context of the conversation.

Hope this helps a little. Correct me if I'm wrong.:)

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RE: aishiteru=aishiteiru?

Post by amego » Sat 01.14.2006 1:42 pm

oic...thank you so much...nihongo o aishiteimasu *oops too formal* aishiteru yo!

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RE: aishiteru=aishiteiru?

Post by skrhgh3b » Tue 01.17.2006 7:43 pm

It's also not uncommon to contract 〜ています to 〜てます in conversation.
♪夢も見たくない 幸せなんか要らない
恋もしたくない お金なんか要らない

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