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-nai de

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-nai de

Postby GyakuGirePanda » Sat 01.14.2006 2:28 pm

Can someone please explain "nai de". for example...
"akiramenai de"
"kasenai de"

and so on.
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RE: -nai de

Postby richvh » Sat 01.14.2006 2:37 pm

Akiramenaide - negative -te form of akirameru, to give up. By itself, I would said it means "Don't give up."
Kasenaide - negative -te form of kaseru, to dry up, to scab, to slough, to be poisoned (with lacquer). By itself, I would say it means "Don't dry up."
Richard VanHouten
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RE: -nai de

Postby amego » Sat 01.14.2006 3:01 pm

woo poisoned with lacquer? that's an interesting word yo
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RE: -nai de

Postby ryuubu » Sun 01.15.2006 5:00 am

~Naide can also be used to mean 'without.' Much the same as the grammar term ~zu:

yasai wo tabenaide, niku wo taberu.
I eat meat without eating Vegetables.
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RE: -nai de

Postby GyakuGirePanda » Sun 01.15.2006 9:41 am

[color="Green"]Ok. I understand now. Thank you rich-san, ryuubu-san, & coco-san! :)[/color]
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