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Postby fragulistic » Thu 01.19.2006 11:19 pm

I have been trying to figure out what という means, I have been seeing it a lot as of late and can't really find a meaning. An example sentence I have seen is,
Could someone give me an explanation of it?
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RE: という

Postby aKuMu » Thu 01.19.2006 11:23 pm

と言う (という)
said - called thus
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RE: という

Postby clay » Fri 01.20.2006 12:00 am

ということ in this case means "means" but you can see that in what Abadoned said, "toiu".

kaze ga tsuyoku natta toiu koto wa arashi ga kuru kamoshirenai.
wind-became stronger-"called thus"/ means-storm-coming-probably
The wind getting stronger must mean a storms a-brewin'.

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RE: という

Postby skrhgh3b » Fri 01.20.2006 6:19 pm

Do you remember a movie by the name of A Fish Called Wanda? Well, という sort of works like that: ワンダという魚。Or, if you imagine that was actually the Japanese title of the film (it's not): もしかして「ワンダという魚」という映画を覚えていますか? Sorry, that's just a favorite example of mine. ということ is actually an expression, but when you understand という itself, it's very easy to understand what it means. If it helps, you can think of と in Japanese much in the same way you think of quotation marks in English, and it goes without saying いう is the verb 言う。 When you see it in hiragana without its kanji, I suspect there's a good chance it's used in the ワンダという魚 construction:

「Nine Horsesというバンドで、えー、Snow Borne Sorrowというアルバムですね。」 -- Radio Sakamoto Podcasting Vol. 2 12/31/05.
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