Showing something to somebody...

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Showing something to somebody...

Post by Edvent » Sun 01.22.2006 3:21 pm

I thought about how I can say: I'll show you ...

I supposed it could be like this:

kimi ni Tokyo Eki misemasu - I'll show you Tokyo central station

I'm not really sure if using "ni" is right here...

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RE: Showing something to somebody...

Post by mechakucha » Sun 01.22.2006 3:58 pm

Toukyou eki wo miseteagemasu
~te agemasu = do something for someone

e.g. watashi wa (watashi no tomodachi ni) tomodachi no shukudai wo tetsudatteageru tsumori desu.
I plan to help my friend with his homework.

The person you do something for (receiver) is denoted with a ~ni particle. In the case above, it is redundant to insert (watashi no tomodachi ni) as it has been clearly stated in the following clause "tomodachi no shukudai" specifying who the receiver is.

Or a simpler example, e.g. tegami wo kaite agemasu.
I write a letter for him (or to him).

The ~te ageru term makes it very clear who the giver and the receiver is. So most of the time, (watashi wa, kare ni) is omitted.

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