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Whose is this?

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Whose is this?

Postby Diggity » Fri 03.25.2005 8:13 pm

How do I say Whose is this? in japanese?

I know that: Kore wa dare no saifu desu ka
Is : Whose wallet is this?

How do I say it if I don't use the name of the item?

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RE: Whose is this?

Postby Vengeance » Fri 03.25.2005 10:01 pm

I believe you can just say "kore wa dare no desu ka?"
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RE: Whose is this?

Postby KRed » Fri 03.25.2005 10:13 pm

Vengeance wrote:
I believe you can just say "kore wa dare no desu ka?"

I find that works for me as well. If you want to be informal you can simply say "Kore wa dare no". If the object has already been introduced as the topic of conversation and the topic has not changed you can simply say "dare no" (whose is it) now that`s what I call being economical with words!
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