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Postby Foibey » Sat 02.04.2006 11:32 am

What's the best way to say "this journal is friends-only"?

My best attempt is 友だちはこの日記を読んでができる。
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Postby keatonatron » Sat 02.04.2006 11:39 am

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Postby Foibey » Sat 02.04.2006 11:43 am

Haivng a couple of problems breaking that down and understanding the construction. Any chance you could elucidate? Specifically I don't understand the 「公開されています」. されています is the polite causative passive of suru, but I can't find a verbing of 公開 anywhere in my dictionary.
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Postby Harisenbon » Mon 02.06.2006 7:56 pm

公開 means to be open, usually places, to the public.

I think この日記は友達専用 might be good. But apparently I have a knack for using 専用 wrong.

友達以外禁止 would be the best, I think.
If you wanted a full sentence
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