"No koto" with non-human object?

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"No koto" with non-human object?

Post by kinokage » Fri 05.18.2018 10:49 am

ちょっとすみませんけど。。。Hi! A friend has just moved to an island, and I want to ask how his life is there (ie, how he's settling in).
I don't want to use


because I'm not asking about the island's well-being; can I use



Or is のこと reserved for human subjects? I'm looking for the sense of his overall experience in moving and establishing his new home and studio.

Thanks very much for your help!


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Re: "No koto" with non-human object?

Post by clay » Sun 06.10.2018 2:46 pm

Thanks for the post!

Yes, you can use のこと with non-human and even inanimate objects. 机のこと about the desk...

You can ask what someone thinks of the island any number of ways. For example:

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