Saying "The following is..." in Japanese

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Saying "The following is..." in Japanese

Post by Dynamic_Entry » Sun 02.12.2006 7:35 pm

I'm writing an essay in which someone's schedule is provided in English and I have to summarize it in Japanese. In the first paragraph, I want to say something along the lines of "The following is what John Kawamura did on Wednsday and what he will do on Sunday." I need to find a Japanese equvilent to "The following is...", but this is a difficult phrase to search for.
I also don't know how to say something like "this is what he did" without it sounding like a question.
Any help would be appreciated.
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RE: Saying "The following is..." in Japanese

Post by Harisenbon » Sun 02.12.2006 9:25 pm

There are a ton of phrases for "the following" depending on politeness levels and whatnot. 以下に is a pretty common one.
Might be something along what you're looking for, I htink.
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