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Post by kanadajin » Mon 02.13.2006 7:47 pm

Hello guys, i havne't been here for a while :) anyway i know some people well, a lot of people have made posts asking this but. Im just making another, anyway besides JFBP does anybody know any good books to help with my Japanese. That arn't to complicated and also help you with kanji. But mainly focuses on Romaji vocab?

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RE: Books.

Post by Infidel » Mon 02.13.2006 11:20 pm

Genally I've found that books that attempt to teach kanji end up dropping roumaji pretty early; however, Japanese Step by Step does utilize kanji and roumaji throughout and has rather expansive vocabulary lists. Unfortunatly, there is no workbook, so there is a lot less integrated structure and excersizes than a course that comes with a workbook. I dropped the book a while back, but it might be worth considering. Luckily, it is also relatively cheap. It is supposed to simplify Japanese and many people like the tables, but I personally found them more confusing. Colloquial Japanese is pretty decent with roumaji in parallel with kanji/kana but does not focus on vocabulary, on the other hand, I did find it's grammar explainations very easy to understand. Both books do not provide more advanced versions for when you complete the material.

If you're willing to drop the roumaji I do have some books I recommend a bit more highly, but this seems to be the closest to what you're asking for.
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