Rules for reading

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Rules for reading

Post by pyius » Sat 04.02.2005 1:08 pm

Hello, i'm new to JapanesePage, but so far I'm loving it :)

Anyways, I'm currently studying the japanese language. I've got all of the hiragana down. However, I know there are rules when reading Hiragana, for instance, わたしは instead of わたしわ (watashiha instead of watashiwa), having a smaller tsu in front of a consonant for a double consonant (i think), and also having a う after an o for a oo. I'm just wanting to know enough so that I can translate hiragana to learn more words, etc.

Can someone list some rules that apply when reading?


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RE: Rules for reading

Post by Daisuke » Sat 04.02.2005 6:19 pm

は is a particle pronounced as 'wa'.

A book on particles:

Information about grammar:

I'll let the more experienced members 'list rules' for you.
Happy studying.

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RE: Rules for reading

Post by jinksys » Wed 04.06.2005 3:33 am

Alot of beginners give up japanese early because they are too
confused with particles. The problem is that before you can
learn kanji, which really simplify a sentence, you must learn
hiragana. The problem with writing in hiragana is that you
cannot easily see the particles, which are very important in
deducing the meaning of words and phrases. It does get easier
as you learn more and more kanji. For example, the following
two sentences are identical.

Hiragana: わたしはいぬです。
broken up-> わたし(I) は(TOPIC MARKER) いぬ(DOG) です(IS)。
broken up-> 私(I) は(TOPIC MARKER) 犬(DOG) です(IS)。
Romanji-> watashi wa inu desu.
English-> I am a dog.

As you can see the first sentence written in full hiragana
seems very complex to a beginner. You first must break apart
the sentence and analyze each part. The kanji version cuts
down the number of needed characters even in this simple sentence.
This is why learning Kanji is so important. Your reading skill will
improve dramastically since hiragana is only used for particles or
for words the writer doesnt know how to write in kanji.

Ok, Ive got that off my chest. LOL.
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RE: Rules for reading

Post by pyius » Thu 04.07.2005 11:04 am

I already know all the Hiragana (minus "the rules") and getting down Katakana right now. I have some Japanese Children's Books as well as a Japanese copy of "WindowsXP". The book is written almost entirely of Hiragana, and that's what I've been using to practice on my vocabulary, grammer, and reading.

The 2 problems I've having are picking apart the words, and the particles. The reason I wanted to know the particles is so that if I don't recognize a word I can look it up online and figure out what it means.


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RE: Rules for reading

Post by Vengeance » Thu 04.07.2005 8:02 pm

You could always try reading some manga. Fortunetely, in most manga they have furigana which is kanji but with little hiragana kana on top (For children to read cos they might not know the Kanji. This way, you get the easy separation of the sentence AND hiragana.

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RE: Rules for reading

Post by pyius » Thu 04.07.2005 10:18 pm

Actually, that sounds like a good answer. I'll search on google, see what I can find ;)

EDIT: After going through google, seems a lot of people have problems, even at an "advanced" level, at reading furigana manga, so I guess I'll see what else I can find.

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