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RE: させる

Postby AJBryant » Sun 03.26.2006 5:04 pm



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RE: させる

Postby keatonatron » Sun 03.26.2006 10:27 pm

皆さんが私を理解させました。 :D

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RE: させる

Postby Seijiro Hiko » Sun 03.26.2006 10:51 pm


Just as a courtesy to those of us who aren't as skilled in Japanese yet, would ya'll mind putting what you write in romaji with translation into english so everyone could follow what's going on in the forum. I know it takes time and all but... that way everyone could learn from the post. Usually the good posts I could learn from end up in all Japanese and I lose what's all going on. Lots of these posts could be good grammar lessons too...If that is too much work then at least add an english translation please. (I'm really trying to be polite.:))

どうも ありがとう ございます。 Doumo arigatou gozaimasu. Thank you very much.
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