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Question on Verb Forms

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Question on Verb Forms

Postby Sunny Pig » Wed 02.09.2005 5:14 am


I am currently making a verb conjugation table for my own revision. To spice up the conjugation table a little bit, I have decided to do it entirely in Japanese. However, I have ran across quite a number of problems regarding the correct names for the different types of verb conjugations. Please help to correct me. Thanks.

I am using the various conjugations of する as an example.

非過去形態(ひかこけいたい):Non-Past Tense - する
過去形態(かこけいたい):Past Tense - した
ます形態(ますけいたい):"Masu" Form - します
て形態(てけいたい):"Te" Form - して
進行形態(しんこうけいたい):Progressive Form - している
意向形態(いこうけいたい):Volitional - しよう
命令形態(めいれいけいたい):Imperative - しろ
可・#92;形態(かのうけいたい):Potential Form - できる
仮定形態(かていけいたい):Provisional Form - すれば
????:Conditional Form - したら
????:Alternative Form - したり
受動形態(じゅどうけいたい):Passive - される
使役動形態(しえきどうけいたい):Causative - させる/さす
使役受動形態(しえきじゅどうけいたい):Causative Passive - させられる
謙譲語形態(けんじょうごけいたい):Humble - いたす
尊敬語形態(そんけいごけいたい):Honorific - なさる

I was wondering if anyone knew the proper Japanese for the Conditional Form or the Alternative Form? I am unsure of the correct name for the Causative Passive. Also, does anyone know the proper name for the form 「したい」which is the form used to express wants?

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RE: Question on Verb Forms

Postby clay » Wed 02.09.2005 5:06 pm

Hi Sunny Pig!

Fun stuff those grammatical terms. I found a nice page that lists a great number of them:

According to that site 条件節 is the conditional form (ba, nara, tara, to)

I also did a google search with that and it does appear to be the meaning.

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RE: Thanks

Postby Sunny Pig » Wed 02.09.2005 11:57 pm


After reading the page, I had another question. I was wondering if the "te" form of verbs is actually the gerund equivalent in English. My dictionary, Kondansha's Furigana Japanese-English Dictionary, stated that the "te" form as gerund. Is this correct?
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RE: Question on Verb Forms

Postby Yuubokumin » Sun 02.13.2005 3:14 pm

The form to express wants is called the Subjunctive, I think.... At least it is in spanish.
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