15 Versus 十五

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15 Versus 曙ワ

Post by Kisshu » Wed 08.16.2006 6:16 pm

I have a question here. In what situations would you use numbers and in what situations would you use kanji? Does is really matter? Would it be correct to say this sentance both ways?



Can anyone give me examples of situations in which only one of these could be used?
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RE: 15 Versus 曙ワ

Post by richvh » Wed 08.16.2006 7:15 pm

It's customary to only write Christian era dates in Arabic numerals. Other than that, I'm not aware of any rules, though it is common to write numbers in Arabic numerals since they are more compact that way.
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RE: 15 Versus 曙ワ

Post by keatonatron » Thu 08.17.2006 2:22 am

It doesn't really matter. Arabic numerals are more common, kanji are seen in more "polite" places like newspapers and official documents.

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RE: 15 Versus 曙ワ

Post by two_heads_talking » Thu 08.17.2006 9:26 am

I would have to say as long as you are consistant.. either kanji or roman numberals but not a mix. as keatonatron says above.. media sources and official documents use kanji more often than not..

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