I want friends! :)

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I want friends! :)

Post by Shaman » Sun 05.01.2005 7:03 am

Hi, I want friends to study japanese with. It's not fun studying alone, besides I'm much too lazy to accomplish anything if I'm not thriven in some way... But I learn languages very quickly. :D So, if you'd like and study japanese together with me, my msn msgr: derzg@hotmail.com and my e-mail: shamanvampyre87@yahoo.co.uk. - マㄦキュス
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RE: I want friends! :)

Post by shamrock_girl » Sun 05.01.2005 8:09 am

hi, i only started to do japanese in 4th year and i love it now!!!:):D:DB)
:DB) i want to study further in college and go to japan and study more!!!!
anywy how are you!!

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RE: I want friends! :)

Post by Benten » Sun 05.08.2005 9:12 am

Lol, I know exactely what you mean
Anyways, I'll add you on msn ^^

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