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うち or いえ ?

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RE: うち or いえ ?

Postby shin1ro » Mon 10.02.2006 9:41 am

keatonatron wrote:
shin1ro wrote:
In addition, in Kansai or here in Gifu, women call themselves as うち in casual conversation. ;) I think it's 方言 but probably widely used in Japan and completely understood all over Japan.

It's quite common in Kanto too.

Ok, I see. Pure 江戸っ子 don't but some do in other areas in Kanato. And many people from all over Japan get together in Tokyo...including kansai.

A while back I heard a man refer to himself simply as "自分". I knew people did that, in theory, but I had never heard it before so it kind of threw me off. I always use it in a phrase (自分の,自分で, etc).

Yeah, it's the MOST confusing word!!! You might notice but we sometimes hear someone say 自分 as "you" in casual but rather polite speech (I wonder it might be タメ口(ぐち) ?)
Yakuza guys normally say 自分 as "I" in polite conversation in movies (fortunately I don't know the real yakuza wording...). Not only yakuza but some young men tend to say 自分 as "I" in polite conversation...

Harisenbon wrote:
うちんち来や! :D

That was actually the first real gifu-ben I ever learned.

Wow! :D これは「こや」ですよね? いまでもキツい岐阜弁には戸惑ってしまいます!


Sorry, it's off topic.
英語がおかしければご指摘ください(日本語も...)。サンキュ〜 ;-)
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