phone conversation?

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phone conversation?

Post by keymistress » Wed 08.03.2005 5:12 am

i need to make a phone call to japan to look for malcolm... so i think i'd go
"もしもし, may i speak to malcolm-さん。"

i'd be anticipating a positive reply like:

or a negative reply like:
"i'm sorry he's not in"

and i'll go:
"そか、 ありがとございます。"

i need help with translating:
- may i speak to xxx
- i'm sorry he' not in

or are there any other sort of replies that i may get?
p/s: malcolm speaks english so as long as they pass the phone to him i'll be fine ;)

thanks in advance!

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RE: phone conversation?

Post by sampaguita » Wed 08.03.2005 7:51 am

Here are some typical replies, which I took from Japanese for Everyone by Gakken:

Hello, this is Keymistress, may I speak to Malcolm, please?
Keymistress desu ga, Malcolm-san wo onegaishimasu.

Yes, one moment please.
Hai, shoushou, o-machi kudasai.

Malcolm is out...
Malcolm-san wa, dekakete orimasu ga...

Malcolm is not here...
Malcolm-san wa, rusu desu ga...

Malcolm has not returned yet...
Malcolm-san wa, mada, kaerimasen ga...

Is there a message (you want to leave)?
Nanika, o-kotozuke ga arimasu ka?

Yes. Please tell Malcolm that there was a call from Keymistress (me).
Hai. Dewa, Keymistress (watashi) kara denwa ga atta to, o-tsutae kudasai.

About what time will Malcolm be home?
Itsugoro, okaeri ni narimasu ka?


Or, if you got the wrong number,

Is this Malcolm's house?
Moshi-moshi, Malcolm-san no otaku desu ka?

No, it isn't.
Iie, chigaimasu kedo...

Oh, I'm terribly sorry.
A, Doumo shitsurei shimashita.


Hope that helps.:)
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RE: phone conversation?

Post by keymistress » Thu 08.04.2005 5:40 am

thank you so much!! :D

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