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RE: Confusing translation

Post by Justin » Sat 08.13.2005 2:56 am

raevin wrote:
I see your point as to why you did it (as I never denied), but I just personally I feel that it defeats this board's purpose if you decide to respond to me in Japanese...when I don't see how it tells me "how", "why", is(as I never denied), but I just personally I feel that it defeats this board's purpose if you decide to respond to me in Japanese...when I don't see how it tells me "how", "why", is (mind you, if I gave you a sentence I could, but I only gave you one word, so there wasn't much you could really teach me on it).
I’m sorry, I just don’t see how using some Japanese like I did defeats the purpose of this board. If you don’t know the meaning of a certain word, and it’s not in the Japanese to English side of you dictionary, why not look at the Japanese definition and work things that way?

Would that require a little bit of work? Yeah, it’s not quite as simple as if you could have just found it in the Japanese to English side of things, but it’s not impossible to do. Will you have a better understating of how to translate said word if you did it this way? You’re damn straight you will. Just because it’s a single word that means there’s not much to learn? Ummmmm….no, there’s plenty to learn even when looking at single words.

Anyway, why don’t we just spend a few minutes here and take a look at that definition again and see what we can do…

きりきり-まい 【きりきり舞い】


助ェ sufficient
対処 cope/deal with
できない can't do
ほど to the extent of
忙しく busily
動きまわっている moving around

Now, let's see about putting that together in a single sentence here…

“Busily moving around to the extent you aren't able to sufficiently deal with”

Now, if you ask me, that there explains “how” きりきり舞い could be translated as hectic, and also, why Japanese does not defeat the point of this forum.
raevin wrote:
I mean, it's not like I'm asking you to do my homework...just to translate a word I couldn't get the meaning of. It's not that I didn't know why, but that I couldn't find why (and to find it in your origional post, I still had to use a translator [which actually translated it correctly this time though])
In your original post there you stated you couldn't find said word in your dictionary, and you were looking for some help, that to me was saying “point me in the right direction”, not just “translate this for me”, maybe that was my mistake for seeing it like that though.
raevin wrote:
Let me ask you something all seriousness, is that just because I asked to translate a word, that you think I don't want to learn? if I truely didn't want to learn Japanese, I wouldn't just post a word, but post a whole set of lyics saying "PLEASE TRANSLATE!!!!"...(mind you, this is a serious question, no insulting or anything meant from it).
It’s got nothing to do with you asking for help with translating some word, it’s the fact I gave you a bit of a helping hand, and you didn’t want anything to do with what I was saying as it would have required you to do some extra looking up of words.

If my hint was a bit on the difficult side, you could have asked some questions, I would have been glad to help you along. Instead of doing that though, you just go on to tell me how bad my way of trying to help you was, and that by using Japanese it defeats the purpose of this forum, and that my friend, is why I think you were just looking for the quick answer. Nothing wrong with that by any means, and I never said anything about you not wanting to truely learn Japanese either, but I thought you wanted some help, not someone to just tell you the answer, I guess that was my mistake though.

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