Japanese family's Japanese letter.

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Japanese family's Japanese letter.

Post by randomindiangirl » Thu 08.18.2005 10:38 pm

Hey y'all.. I'm new, but I just got some letter from my old host family and they wrote in Japanese as I told them they could. But I just realized how far behind I am as for translating the thing. Any suggestions to go about it? I translate from character to english letters then I'm stuck trying to find the word to match.

I was also wondering whether anyone new how to get your computer to type Japanese charcters without downloading any program. Isn't there a way to get a virtual Japanese keyboard through some website???

Thanks for any help
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RE: Japanese family's Japanese letter.

Post by mandolin » Thu 08.18.2005 11:46 pm

Well, what's your operating system? If you have Windows, windows has a built-in way to type japanese characters, all you have to do is install the language pack and turn on the language bar.

BUT... there's another way. It does involve downloading a program, but the program also is a dictionary lookup. Using the EDICT dictionary by Jim Breen, I have found Jlookup to be exceptionally useful, especially since it has it's own IME that turns your romaji into japanese characters, and a kanji lookup by several methods. (I found radical look up to be good, since you can shift click several different radicals to slowly narrow down the list into something actually worthwhile).

Just google 'jlookup' or find the link directly from Jim Breen's page here:


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