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When is 通り名 used?

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When is 通り名 used?

Postby ShounenSuki » Sat 08.20.2005 6:42 pm

I was wondering if anyone could tell me when 通り名 (toorina) is used. According to my dictionary, it means "One's common or popular name" or "House name". However, does this mean 通り名 is a nickname, a given name, a family name, or something else. I hope someone can help me ^^
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RE: When is 通り名 used?

Postby yankumi » Sat 08.20.2005 7:16 pm

Just going by the definition "common or house name" I am going to guess that this could change depending on the circumstances. It seems to be an informal name, so for myself I think it would simply be my first name, rather than Mrs.--. I do not use a nickname, but if I did, and everyone knew me by the nickname, than that would my "common name". "House name" I would interpret to mean "family name"--not surname, which is usually how family name is used, but rather an informal name--could be a nickname--used by ones family.

Also, I did a search online and found the following phrase (it is describing a game)

otoko no na wa GANONDOROFU, <i>toorina</i> o matouzoku GANON. (italics mine)

Which is translated to read "The man's name was Ganondorf, commonly known as the evil thief Ganon"
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RE: When is 通り名 used?

Postby Kates » Sat 08.20.2005 8:14 pm

I believe 'toorina' means more like a stage/pen name. Or a pseudonym.

Watashi no suki-na sakka ha Samuel Clemens, toorina ha Mark Twain desu.

My favorite author is Samuel Clemens, commonly known as Mark Twain.

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