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Re: 「いま、会いにゆきます」質問

Postby mongol800 » Sat 01.03.2009 8:51 am

Mike Cash wrote:"Grabbed" is a bit much, I think. "Took" is much better, especially since it would appear that Yuuji is a small child.

"Taking the hand of Yuuji as he was drifting back to sleep I (or "we") left the apartment."

Could you possible include sekai.. or is sekai just ... a "created" place by being half asleep-- if you catch my drift.
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Re: 「いま、会いにゆきます」質問

Postby Mike Cash » Sat 01.03.2009 9:28 am

Taking the hand of Yuuji as he drifted back to Dreamland I (or "we") left the apartment.

Trying to translate each and every element of a sentence directly can often result in some very weird renditions. 直訳 is seldom the best choice.
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