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Postby mongol800 » Mon 01.12.2009 2:30 am


聞く to listen

聞ける to be able to hear

what does this conjugation imply?

i'm told it means the same thing is kikeru..

but why can't you use iku. ikeru. ikoeru 行こえる
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Re: 聞く。聞ける。聞こえる

Postby Gundaetiapo » Mon 01.12.2009 2:34 am

Some verbs come in transitive/intransitive pairs and the form of one is not predictable from the other. Intransitive/Transitive verb.
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Re: 聞く。聞ける。聞こえる

Postby richvh » Mon 01.12.2009 7:21 am

聞こえる and 見える are special verbs meaning "to be audible" and "to be visible". Unlike 聞ける and 見られる, they require no volition on the part of the listener/viewer; there are no equivalents for other verbs.
Richard VanHouten
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Re: 聞く。聞ける。聞こえる

Postby Morrow » Thu 02.05.2009 5:13 am

Try this:
(1) 私は、アイフォンで音楽を聞く(私は、アイフォンで音楽を聞いている)/I listen to music on the iPhone.
(2) アイフォンで音楽が聞ける/You can listen to music on the iPhone.
(3) 隣の部屋で音楽がなっているのが聞こえる/ I can hear music being played in the next room.

You can use "を聞く( or を聞いている)" when "listening to something" is something that you usually do. "が聞ける" suggests that something (for example, the iPhone) makes it possible for you to listen to something. And "が聞こえる" is used when you can hear something.
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