Need Help Few Words

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Need Help Few Words

Post by makasu26 » Mon 01.12.2009 7:35 pm

I having problem figureing these words out .Any help would be appreciated.Yes,I have used my check in dictionary.
There part of a song I have learn and I got only a 80% tranlation so far.I list them Here:
1:Tsutsumi komareta
2:Hitorikiri(lonely or something clsoe to that I belive)
7:kuchizusanda(Lips..zusanda cant find in dictionary.)
9:oshietekureta (taught/but i dont get the full meaning)
10:utaitsuzuke(I know it somthing about song..but unclear.
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Re: Need Help Few Words

Post by JaySee » Mon 01.12.2009 7:39 pm

Have you tried looking them up in a dictionary?

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Re: Need Help Few Words

Post by richvh » Mon 01.12.2009 7:50 pm

A fair few of those are verbs. Have you studied how verbs conjugate?
Tsuzukeru is つづける, not つずける, which may be why you couldn't find it in the dictionary. A couple others are compound verbs.
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