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Need help, making business card

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Re: Need help, making business card

Postby richvh » Wed 03.25.2009 7:23 pm

It's not a small shi, it's a small tsu, and it indicates a doubled consonant (a beat stop for plosives like "t") rather than a lengthened vowel. Think of the difference in pronunciation between "hottie" and "hot tea".

My feeling was that it would be ネットワーク管理者(かんりしゃ) and Wikipedia confirmed that.
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Re: Need help, making business card

Postby Sumisu » Wed 03.25.2009 7:26 pm

perfect, thanks.
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Re: Need help, making business card

Postby furrykef » Wed 03.25.2009 7:59 pm

Sumisu wrote:got this far: network ネットワーク
what does the small "shi" mean after the Ne? how is this different than a hyphen?

That's not a small "shi", that's a small "tsu". The technical name for it is "sokuon", and it indicates the doubling of the following consonant. So ネト, ネート, and ネット are "neto", "neeto", and "netto", respectively. The doubling indicates a pause of sorts before pronouncing the consonant (except for "ss", which is simply held longer than "s").

Also, just so you know, the ー is not called a "hyphen", but rather a "long vowel mark". :)

EDIT: Bah, I didn't see I was beaten to it 'cause the responses were on the second page. Oh well. ^^;

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