translation from japanese to english

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translation from japanese to english

Post by rallyegirl006 » Mon 03.30.2009 5:16 am

Hi, all! :D
Could you please translate the following text in english?
I've attached it to the message..
Thanks :D
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Re: translation from japanese to english

Post by two_heads_talking » Mon 03.30.2009 8:32 am


First, we don't just translate without you making an effort and showing your work.. If you read through the forum rules, that's one of them.

Please post up your attempts and we can work from there.

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Re: translation from japanese to english

Post by Kodama_30 » Mon 03.30.2009 8:33 am

Hi there,

I can see that you haven't been around here long, so first and foremost allow me to welcome you to this forum. :)
Regarding translations and what not, I think you'll find that the folks around here aren't fond of the 'please translate X' approach. You're going to have to first give it a go yourself I'm afraid, and then corrections will be posted to help you out - so ultimately, you'll be the one doing the leg work, which would do a whole lot of good for you in the long term as opposed to spoon feeding you answers. It's giving you the 'net' rather than the 'fish' you see. :mrgreen:

If you don't actually know any Japanese, have no ambitions to learn it and simply posting for a translation - then please state it. You may or may not find a good samaritan willing to help you out; but at least your honesty will be appreciated, and be more likely to get you results. This is not a free translation service after all, so please don't be offended if your request is not actually met.

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Re: translation from japanese to english

Post by coco » Mon 03.30.2009 8:41 am

Hi, rallyegirl006 :D
Sorry, the translation service isn't available in our forums.
And we know we should follow the copyright laws.
Thanks. :D

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