Can't figure it out: 対応、実施、展開

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Can't figure it out: 対応、実施、展開

Post by argswmtk » Tue 06.16.2009 7:53 am

Hi guys. Could you please help me out?

I have been in Japan for 8 months and I still can't figure out these terms. I see them in email all the time but they still confuse me.


Thank you!

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Mike Cash
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Re: Can't figure it out: 対応、実施、展開

Post by Mike Cash » Tue 06.16.2009 2:31 pm

Your question may be a bit too broad. What in particular about them is it you don't get? It can't be just the meanings, because quite obviously you could easily look those up. That no one has answered your question yet is not due to the terms being too hard but rather to it being too hard to figure out just what the heck it is you're asking.
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Re: Can't figure it out: 対応、実施、展開

Post by kurisuto » Tue 06.16.2009 3:20 pm

As Mike Cash said (or implied), the only way to understand these words properly is to see them used in context, so in case you don't know it yet, I would recommend you to check ALC (basically a database of sample sentences : just enter the word you have troubles with and enjoy :wink: ).

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Re: Can't figure it out: 対応、実施、展開

Post by Disco » Tue 06.16.2009 10:18 pm

First Word: 数学における対応(たいおう、Correspondence)とは、直積集合の部分集合のことである。
Second word: テイラー展開(テイラーてんかい、Taylor expansion)とは、無限回微分可能な関数 f(x) から、テイラー級数(テイラーきゅうすう、Taylor series)と呼ばれる、負冪の項を持たない冪級数を得ることを言う。
Third Word: 県内で唯一計画が進んでいる高浜原発3、4号機のスケジュールは、10年度の実施に変更はなかった。

Just putting them into context...

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Re: Can't figure it out: 対応、実施、展開

Post by argswmtk » Thu 06.18.2009 7:11 am

Good point, it must be tough without examples. I will gather some and make a new post (could be a couple of days).

Thanks for the info.

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Re: Can't figure it out: 対応、実施、展開

Post by So Just Throw A Chair At Me » Thu 06.18.2009 11:01 pm

Just based on the three words you're asking about, I can pretty much tell what you're getting at.

対応 means basically to perform a task in response to something.
実施 just means to "conduct", "execute", or more simply, just "do". But it sounds cooler to say 実施する instead of just やります in a company setting or whatever.

I hate 展開. Sometimes I don't think it means anything specifically in English, based on the way it's sometimes used. Just glancing over a few selections on ALC I found two examples of 展開 almost totally losing any meaning of its own in the English translation.

Set in an imaginary world called Never-Never Land, the story centers on Peter, a boy who refuses to grow up.

The film is based on the popular Japanese Ring series, which tells a terrifying story about a cursed video tape.

See? In the first one it basically just puts 中心 into verb form, and in the second one it serves essentially as "tells", but is totally dependent on the word ストーリー to mean anything.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that in many of the instances you hear/see 展開, you can probably just infer the meaning based on the context without assigning it a specific meaning of its own. Of course, there are times when 展開 means "development(s)" and corresponds directly with English, but based on the three words you specified, I'm guessing that 展開 would not trouble you in such an instance.
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