Please translate this sentence for me

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Please translate this sentence for me

Post by Diggity » Mon 09.12.2005 6:37 pm

I have a question about this sentence or question rather...

anata no kuni ni nani ga arimasu ka

How do I translate this? I can't figure out if it's asking me what is the name of my country or where it is or what exactly it is saying.

Same with...

anata no ie ni nani ga arimasu ka... this time about my house.

I am learning the uses of aru and iru to describe things I own or events taking place and these are two questions that I need to answer in my textbook. Thanks for the clarifacation in advance!

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RE: Please translate this sentence for me

Post by Justin » Mon 09.12.2005 6:45 pm

anato no kuni ni = In your country
nani ga = what is
arimasu = there
ka = ?

Is that enough to get you going?

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