Want to travel

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Want to travel

Post by 冒険活劇の都市 » Sun 02.21.2010 12:26 am

So I'm pretty sure 運行 means travel and I'm pretty sure you add たい to the end of a verb to make it "want to" so would it be 運行たいです?
If that was the case would I want to travel to other countries be その他の国を運行たいです.

Also everywhere I look (online) the word everywhere is どこ, I'm nowhere near home or my books (>.<) so would I want to go everywhere be どこに行きたい, memory says that "どこですか?" means where... So would どこに行きたいですか be "where do you want to go" or "do you want to go everywhere"

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Re: Want to travel

Post by furrykef » Sun 02.21.2010 6:43 am

The word for travel that I know is 旅行 (りょこう). It's possible that 運行 could also be used, but I have no idea; I've yet to encounter this word in my studies. But I do know you won't go wrong with 旅行.

The word 旅行 is a 'suru' verb -- as are almost all verbs made from compound words -- so any inflection you do to it must be on the する part. Hence, "I want to travel" is 旅行したい. The same would apply to 運行: 運行したい.
If that was the case would I want to travel to other countries be その他の国を運行たいです.
Since my own studies have been limited, I can't really answer as to the naturalness of that (other than what I've already said, of course). But I do know that there is a general phrase for traveling abroad: 海外旅行 (かいがい・りょこう). So you could say, 海外旅行したいです。

The word for "everywhere" is a bit more complicated. どこ by itself does indeed mean "where"; the actual word for "everywhere" is どこも. The も here is a particle (you may have encountered it before in sentences such as 私もそう思います, where it's the "too" in "I think so too"), and sometimes other particles will come in between どこ and も; for example, どこにも. Another thing you have to be careful with is that the meaning is reversed when the verb is negated: どこにも いなかった = He was nowhere (or "He wasn't anywhere").

So, to answer your question:
どこに行きたいですか? = Where do you want to go?
どこにも行きたいですか? = Do you want to go everywhere?

There are other "question word + も" words like this, too. For instance, いつ = when, いつも = always (or, with a negative verb, "never"). The oddest ones are なにも and だれも because they are used almost exclusively in the negative, so they mean "nothing" and "nobody". "Everything" and "everybody" are expressed using other words such as みな. (This is not counting forms such as なんでも -- "anything" -- which often are used in the positive, but let's not make this even more complicated right now. :))

- Kef
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Re: Want to travel

Post by agathe » Sun 02.21.2010 9:34 am

I think 運行 is travel more like in "travel by the speed of light" or "the train travels between London and Paris". If you want to travel like in "going on holiday" you use 旅行 like Furrykef said.

The verb for 運行 is 運行する. So if you want to make the -tai form it will be: 運行したいです。

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Re: Want to travel

Post by shin1ro » Sun 02.21.2010 10:24 am

Hi, I also recommend 旅行.
I'd like to add a little more explanation.
運行 would be used for transportation of trains or buses under a regular schedule.
ex. その観光会社は京都まで一日に5本のバスを運行する。

And it's also used for regular movement of stars.
ex. 冥王星は247年以上かけて太陽の周りを運行する。

英語がおかしければご指摘ください(日本語も...)。サンキュ〜 ;-)

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Re: Want to travel

Post by UkiUki88 » Sun 02.21.2010 5:12 pm

Everyone already had some good suggestions, just like to add some more.

運行 means something more of a service that you can take, like bus, or train.

If you want to say you want to travel everywhere, it's hard to find an exact translation for "everywhere" You might have to change the word around, so it translates easier.

Here are a couple of options.

海外旅行したいです。 = i want to travel abroad.
世界中を旅行したいです。 = I want to travel all over the world.
世界を一周したいです。 = I want to travel around the world.

I'm not 100% sure but, if you really wanted to use everywhere you could say,

あちこち行きたいです。 = I want to go everywhere.
あちこち = here and there, everywhere, all over

I searched this phrase on google, and it seems that a lot of people are also using it in the blogs and such, so it could close to what you want.

Hope it helps~~~ :)

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