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View topic - A line from an article about Okinawa

A line from an article about Okinawa

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A line from an article about Okinawa

Postby HungryScholar » Wed 04.28.2010 2:18 pm

So I'm reading this article from today's Asahi about a potential base relocation, and a visit to the city of Nago by the PM. I stumbled into this line, said by a local mayor.


I understand that 今更 means "now, after so long" but I don't know what くい打ちだろうが means and suspect it might be a special phrase. 別の方法を持ってきても refers to "even of the Prime Minister brings a separate plan (although why 案 isn't used here confuses me a but), 到底受け入れられるものではない is also confusing. 到底 appears to mean "cannot possibly", and so when attached to 受け入れられる it would negate the potential form of the verb to mean "cannot possibly receive/accept" but I've never seen a verb negated quite like that i.e. without changing the verb's conjugation. And to top it off, I'm not sure how the のではない is impacting the meaning.

So yeah, that whole last bit is sort of baffling. Any ideas?
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Re: A line from an article about Okinawa

Postby kurisuto » Wed 04.28.2010 3:55 pm

1) Most probably 杭打ち ("pile-driver") ; when you see this kind of word, try rewriting the kana part in kanji, and your dictionary will probably recognise it. As to the actual meaning, I don't know. Maybe it's a set expression ?

2) 別の方法 : literally "another method". Maybe you would have used "plan" here, but without knowing the context, I think even in English "method" would be appropriate.

3) 到底受け入れられるものではない : 受け入れられる is not negated. You have もの here (i.e 物) not the particles も and の. 到底 is linked to ではない.
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Re: A line from an article about Okinawa

Postby writebook » Thu 04.29.2010 6:24 am

I didn't know what 杭打ち was, but upon googling found out that it is short for くい打ち桟橋工法.
The English translation might be pier piling construction, though I'm not sure.
Basically, it means driving piles into the ocean to support a platform, and building a structure on it.
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