Help with translation and arrangement

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Help with translation and arrangement

Post by misacasbari » Fri 07.02.2010 6:33 pm

I am so glad to have found your website. Sadly, I never learned to write Japanese, and have recently been reconnecting with my culture. It has been difficult. I was hoping to find someone who knew proper Japanese to assist me with something I would like written for my sister.
I found the following, which I am understanding is a Japanese proverb:

育っ (characters together or tsu underneath?)

強い (characters together or i underneath?)
Kaze no naka de sodatta ki ha ne ga tsuyoi -- (lThe root of a tree that grew up in wind is strong)
Is this the correct way of writing and presenting Katakana/Kanji(?) ? Because I would like to have it put on something relatively small, can it be separated into 2 vertical rows:
木 風
は の
根 中
が で
強い 育っ

or will it drastically change the meaning if separated as such? This is very important to me, and I am hoping to get some guidance.
Arigato gozaimasu

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Re: Help with translation and arrangement

Post by furrykef » Sat 07.03.2010 1:28 am

Both the っ and the い need to be under the corresponding characters. Hence:

(However, the っ should be aligned to the right, not the left. It shows up on the left in the font I'm using since the font isn't in proper vertical text mode.)

Or in two columns:

木 風
は の
根 中
が で
強 育
い っ

I don't think breaking it up in two columns will affect anything.

By the way:
Arigato gozaimasu
The correct way to say "thanks in advance", I think, is "yoroshiku onegaishimasu" (which does have other meanings, as you may know). Just thought I'd point it out. :)

- Kef
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