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View topic - ど同じ?What does the 'do' indicate?

ど同じ?What does the 'do' indicate?

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ど同じ?What does the 'do' indicate?

Postby MeitanteiJesus » Sat 07.03.2010 7:07 pm

Context: Someone is explaining that the people around him have different roles, but they are all working towards completing the same project (creating software)

<see above>、職種は違えど同じ <the project> を作成している。

From the context I'm guessing the 'do' is similar to kedo meaning?

Is it unique to this context, or is 'do' a particle I should be getting used to seeing?
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Re: ど同じ?What does the 'do' indicate?

Postby Hyperworm » Sat 07.03.2010 8:18 pm

It's a verb form, ~えど, constructed like ~えば. Basically 違えど=違っても.
There's probably some added nuances there someone else would have to explain ^^;;
I don't see it all that often and it strikes me as somewhat formal.

(You also see ~えども.)
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