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Postby toshichan » Fri 09.17.2010 8:37 am

I'm trying to translate some manga pages but there are a few things I don't understand well.
For example, this sentence:


I think is something like:
"You are excluding me (from our group of friend)?" but I'm not sure that is the best translation. Why that まで?
Then, this. Chara A save the life of chara B, hitting a ill evil-minded man behind him:


I don't understand well that とられて。 I think is something like "you didn't see you had someone behind you?"
Then, there is a cheerful character who greeting another in this way:

③"Oh man, you got already a new girl? 女も国も股にかけ!!

Well, that 女も国も股にかけ is pretty unclear for me. I vaguely understand its meaning, and despite my efforts, I can't translate it in a proper way.
Last one is this:


The sentence is refer to a silly talk between two characters. I suppose is something like:
"This kind of conversation is useless, if Yuki getting involved there won't anything to laugh about...right?" but I'm totally unsure.

Sorry for the questions, I hope to don't bother you.
Thank you so much in advance! :)
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Re: ちょっと教えてくれませんか?

Postby Ongakuka » Fri 09.17.2010 10:57 am

I don't know the full context even with the information you provided, so it's really difficult to advise on this. You might get something out of what I put or you might be useless.

Why that まで?
as in 'as far as Yuuta?' (could understand maybe a little better if it was someone other than Yuuta, but for Yuuta that is geniunely surprising.)

I don't understand well that とられて。
とられる = get caught. Put into 'te' form and then add やんの which is a contraction.

Not sure, first time to see that phrase.

This kind of conversation is useful
Where did you get 'useful' from?
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Re: ちょっと教えてくれませんか?

Postby NileCat » Fri 09.17.2010 11:03 am

Please allow me to explain in Japanese. Since you're translating them into proper English, my poor English would be nothing but a terrible example...

1. 勇太まで here means "even" (you, Yuuta).

EDIT: If "even" is not a good word, well, it's something like "not you too, Yuuta"
It's like "And thou Brutus!" feeling...

2. 後ろとられてる
戦闘機が飛んでいる。→ 敵の飛行機が来る。→ ミサイルを撃ち合う。→ 後ろに位置した方が有利。
「後ろの」「位置を」「取る」 ← 有利/優勢/勝ちそう
「後ろの」「位置を」「取られる」 ← 不利/劣勢/負けそう
(You were about to be clobbered... or something like that.)


3. 女も国も股にかけ
e.g. 「彼は世界中を股に掛けた冒険者だ」

つまり、ここでは「国」だけでなく、「各地の女性」をも「遍歴/征服/制覇」した勇者、といったニュアンスになります。(exploring/conquering countries and women..みたいな・・・)

4. この手の話はママがからむと笑えねえし・・・産むから・・・ないなママ

この手の話 (「赤ちゃんを産む」といった大人にとってシリアスな話)をママにするなんてとんでもない。ママには話せない。なぜって、ママは我々とは全く違った受け取り方をするだろうから。笑えない(つまり、ママが怒ったりして、大問題になる)。
(Mama is not the one of the two characters, correct? The two characters are talking ABOUT mama. Am I wrong?)

EDIT: Maybe I am wrong. Because you said this conversation is "silly". I can't recognize any silliness in the provided sentence... Everything would depend on what is the subject of the verb "産む". Who is expected to give a birth? Only the conversation BEFORE the sentence could tell. As you might know, in many cases, a Japanese sentence doesn't make sense without the context.

Please feel free to post further questions if my explanation doesn't make sense.

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