Translation for a tattoo

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Translation for a tattoo

Post by whaaaatt » Fri 11.26.2010 12:18 pm

So For a while now I've been wanting a tattoo with Japanese script, I got all the design planned out and what it should say but, obviously, I don't want the script to say something I didn't mean it to or for it to sound wrong/bad. So if anyone can help me out and give what you think is the most appropriate translation that would be awesome! (:

I want it to say
"positive, tranquil, and beautiful"

google translator gave me this:
Shizukana sei to utsukushii

But I don't trust google haha x)
So if anyone can help that would be awesome! thanks so much!

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Re: Translation for a tattoo

Post by furrykef » Fri 11.26.2010 3:18 pm

Why we don't do Japanese tattoos.

One point to consider that the page I linked to doesn't elaborate on is that, by making a Japanese tattoo, you're appropriating a culture to make something that the culture in question generally finds offensive. The Japanese public hates tattoos. In Japan, "tattoo" is equated with "bad person". You know how in America (and probably many other countries), the image of a "rebel" who doesn't quite abide by the rules is often revered? In Japan, not so much.

(I have no idea how to translate it, by the way, but that Google translation has at least two mistakes.)
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