Now, Jason continue presenting (politely)

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Now, Jason continue presenting (politely)

Post by hengchuen » Sun 03.20.2011 5:28 am

Can I speak

"Now, Jason continue presenting"

politely in Japanese as

いま、  ジェイソン  をはつびょしつずけてください。


If no, please correct me..

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Re: Now, Jason continue presenting (politely)

Post by furrykef » Mon 04.04.2011 5:51 am

"Now, Jason continue presenting" isn't a grammatical sentence.

Did you mean:
1. Now, Jason, continue presenting. [i.e., talking to Jason and telling him to continue]
2. Now Jason will continue to present. [Jason is a third person; you're explaining what will happen next]
3. Something else?

Your Japanese sentence is incorrect. The use of を here does not make sense to me. "Present" should be はっぴょう (発表), not はつびょ. The hiragana for 続ける is つづける, though the pronunciation is identical.

Assuming you meant #1 -- which seems most likely since you used the kudasai form -- then I would say it's じゃ、ジェイソン、発表し続けてください。 I'm not entirely sure what would be the best word to translate "now", but it seems more of an interjection than literally meaning "at this time" in this context, so I chose じゃ, which means "well then".

By the way, why does the topic specify to say it politely? This sounds like something a teacher would say to a student, which wouldn't typically use polite form. (My first instinct was to use -続けなさい instead of 続けてください, but then I remembered that the form is supposed to be polite.)
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