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Postby MeitanteiJesus » Thu 05.19.2011 8:10 pm

Trying to learn by reading manga, and during an action scene one of the character's text bubbles was "..........ツ!!"

What does this mean? Is there a resource available with similar obscure things explained? As a beginner there doesn't seem to be a good book on some of the manga lingo.
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Re: ...ツ!!

Postby Hyperworm » Thu 05.19.2011 11:29 pm

Close but wrong transcription :)
It would be 「・・・・・・ッ!!」
Note the size of the ツ (ッ vs ツ).

It's a silence followed by a choked sound or short gasp of astonishment or surprise etc.
"Non-words" like 「・・・ッ!」「クククク・・・」「うぎー!!」 etc. seem to lack the pronunciation regularity of normal Japanese; they aren't pronounced as they seem. (Perhaps not surprising, since the text is an attempt to shoehorn these natural sounds into the Japanese writing system, and not the other way around.)
I feel like the best way to get a hold on what they sound like might be voiced visual novels / sound novels. Then you get the text and the voice at the same time. But you won't understand much unless you have a translation :neutral: Maybe someone should put together a video...

Also, there are probably more obscure things than could reasonably be contained in a list? :D
Feel free to keep asking questions. :)
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