gijs reitsema

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super gm
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gijs reitsema

Post by super gm » Sat 10.08.2005 9:11 am

hi all, i was wondering how i write the name gijs reitsema in japanese
(gijs is my brother)

please listen to the sound, 'cause it's a dutch name.

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Re: gijs reitsema

Post by DJmstyle » Tue 05.05.2009 6:23 pm

Hallo Gijs,

ik zag uw bericht met de inhoud dat u uw naam in het Japans wilt weten. Nu ben ik opgegroeid in Japan en het is moeilijk om uw hollands naam in het Japans te vertalen. Maar ik heb een soortgelijke gevonden:

蜉蝣 虫

veel plezier ermee,

met vriendelijke groet

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Re: gijs reitsema

Post by JaySee » Tue 05.05.2009 7:17 pm

DJmstyle wrote: 蜉蝣 虫
What a load of hokey.
super gm wrote: please listen to the sound, 'cause it's a dutch name.
It would probably have helped a lot for non-native speakers of Dutch (who make up the vast majority of the people on this forum) if you gave some kind of approximation in English, the pronunciation in IPA, or added a sound file people could actually listen to. It's kind of hard to listen to the sound when there is no sound.

Anyway, foreign names are written (transcribed) in katakana, not kanji, and the closest you'd get for that name is probably something like ハイス・ライツェマ (haisu raitsema - the dot in the middle is used to seperate the first name and the surname). Alternatively you could use ガイス (gaisu) for the first name; the Japanese don't really seem to have a set policy for transcribing the Dutch 'g' sound (IPA /x/), sometimes they use 'h', and sometimes 'g' as in English 'goal'.

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