difficult sentence

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difficult sentence

Post by mella » Sat 09.03.2011 12:33 pm

Those two are going to fight, on the squeezing sides.

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Re: difficult sentence

Post by AJBryant » Sat 09.03.2011 3:09 pm

It sounds like they're playing go or chess or something.

"They're already clashing on either side of the [chess/go/shogi/whatever] board."

More colloquially, I'd imagine, is "They've already started the match."

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Re: difficult sentence

Post by NocturnalOcean » Sun 09.04.2011 4:38 pm

盤 = Shogi board
はさんで te-form of 挟む which means to hold something in between something.
so 盤を挟む means to sit on each side of the board/have a board between them

In the following sentence, you marked a bit wrong.
the U, is supposed to be with もう =already
ぶつかり合う = clash together

So it's just like AJBryant said.

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