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Postby Daichi » Tue 10.11.2005 9:46 am

What does it mean?

I came across it while playing Final Fantasy VII (it's on some of the scenery in The Don's mansion, if your interested.)

I'm really pleased when I recognise the odd kanji or kanji compound that feature on the backgraounds, but then I saw the above word written in kana, and could not find it in the dictionary at all.
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RE: Putsu

Postby AJBryant » Tue 10.11.2005 2:06 pm

Can you do a screen shot? Context is important. Is it in katakana, for example?

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RE: Putsu

Postby zengargoyle » Tue 10.11.2005 3:04 pm

my onomatopoeia book has: プツン which indicates that something that was continuous has suddenly being(sic) broken, focusing on the void thus created and on the fact that the former condition cannot be returned to. furthermore, when referring to established conditions or states the ン at the end emphasizes the esablished condition. this seems to suggest that プツ may indicate an in-progress change of state that is irreversible and is creating a void...

or not.
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