New user Translation Question

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New user Translation Question

Post by tgsc » Mon 11.28.2011 1:23 am

I have a question, I hope someone will be able to answer or help point me in the right direction.

Does Karera wa ( ら unable to find the first Japanese character) only refer to males? The English translation as I understand is “They” so if it only refers to males, is there a female equivalent?

Thank you for your time


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Re: New user Translation Question

Post by Ongakuka » Mon 11.28.2011 10:08 am

kare = he
kanojo = she

+ 'ra' (or alternatively 'tachi') = they (of specified gender)

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Re: New user Translation Question

Post by SomeCallMeChris » Mon 11.28.2011 2:24 pm

かれら(彼ら) can be used to refer to groups of people with unknown or mixed genders as well as to males, and it would be rarer but possible for it to refer to a group of all women. If you know it's all women, you could say かのじょたち(彼女たち)as was suggested.

(I have never seen or heard 彼女等(かのじょら)but I have found both ら and たち attached to countless different nouns, so I won't say it's -never- done.)

Of course, in general, using pronoun-like words in Japanese is a bit troublesome because they are not used much, so it's easy for English speakers to overuse or misuse them, and also because there's usually several different words to choose from when they are appropriate, each possibly with different implications.

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Re: New user Translation Question

Post by kalavinka » Thu 01.12.2012 1:56 pm

If you definitely are referring to a male and their cohorts, then use 彼ら but if you're not sure, go with the default -tachi. You can string that to just about anything. It could be a group of any kind of people.


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