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Postby MeitanteiJesus » Sat 07.21.2012 3:56 am

So in my readings, I get to this sentence:


I'm not quite sure grammatically how 聞き返す fits into there.

As a guess, I think it translates as "While Akemi was puzzled over why she heard the same thing twice from Daisuke, she firmly grabbed his arm"

But 聞き返す really just kind of seems thrown in there without any grammatical structure (obviously I just haven't learned it yet :P).

EDIT: Actually, thinking on this more after sleeping, could this be translated as:

While Akemi was puzzled,

She grabbed onto [The Daisuke who repeated himself]'s arm.

So 聞き返す大輔 is treated as one noun? But translated like this there wouldn't be an explicit reason given for why Akemi was perplexed.


A second question also came up, and since no one has replied yet I'll ask it here as well. The phrase: 何がどうなってるんだ?

何が - What
どう - How
なってるんだ - To become

Is it "How did it become like this" with 何が meaning "like this"?

Or is it more of a "What exactly is happening?"

After some googling: [url]http://www.wordreference.com/jaen/一体どうなってるんだ![/url]
So it it "What on earth is happening?" If so, does that mean 何が is actually the "is happening" part of the sentence?
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Re: 聞き返す

Postby NileCat » Sun 07.22.2012 8:18 am

Since no one has replied. :)

To me, this sentence sounds like this.

<Main structure>
Akemi grabbed Daisuke’s arm firmly.
<Clause which modifies “Daisuke”>
who asked back being embarrassed

In order to avoid this kind of confusion, the writer would be expected to put a comma after 明美は. Grammatically speaking, of course, the person who was embarrassed can be Akemi, though, a comma after 明美は困惑しながら would be highly recommended in that case.

Makes sense?

As for your second question, 何が would be “what” in the sense. By reduplicating those two interrogatives, you can express/emphasize “what ON EARTH” feelings in this kind of sentence.

Hope it helps.
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Re: 聞き返す

Postby MeitanteiJesus » Sun 07.22.2012 4:06 pm

Thanks! Definitely makes it a lot clearer.
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