checking helps are needed for Formal Collaboration Letter

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checking helps are needed for Formal Collaboration Letter

Post by lc861112 » Sun 08.05.2012 1:23 am

Hi, all members,
I am new here, and I urgently need help from any of you.

I wish to write an email to a university in Japan and ask for collaborations in Research work. I wrote it in English version and Japanese verision. I wrote the Japanese version by translating the english one using some translation softwares, and check on the keywords by myself. But my ability to write in Japanese is really limited, so I need those who are good in Japanese writing, can u please kindly help me to check on my japanese version and correcting my grammar mistakes? I am not sure what I wrote in Japanese can be understand by the professor there, and I do hope my letter look as polite as possible.

For those who willing to help me, can you please kindly send me a personal message?
Your kind assistance is greatly appreciated.
どうもありがとうございました :)

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