What's that word that precedes "Kantan"

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What's that word that precedes "Kantan"

Post by bunalz3 » Sat 12.08.2012 6:28 am

In a battle-oriented anime/game, when a character (not a polite one) did a task or several tasks, and found them to be very easy, he (or she) often makes a remark (kind of boasting, actually) which can be translated as "that was a cinch!", or "no sweat!", etc:

"______ kantan desu ne!"

(I couldn't recall the exact sound of it, but it's something like "raksho") :sweatdrop:

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Re: What's that word that precedes "Kantan"

Post by Ongakuka » Sat 12.08.2012 1:25 pm



Easy win

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