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Post by Zuus » Sat 02.09.2013 7:03 pm

I'm a beginner to Japanese.
I wanted to sew the word "confidence" on a T-short, so I found the literal translation as 自信. Is that a good translation to be a catchy one-word writing on a tshirt? Is there a good word that could look better?


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Re: Confidence

Post by shin1ro » Wed 07.03.2013 2:51 am

Yes it's a good word.
But there has to be slight differences between English Confidence and Japanese 自信.

When first look at 自信 on a T-shirt, Japanese will consider, to be more precisely, "self-confidence".

Other candidates would be:
信用 trust, credit, safety to normally one matter
信頼 trust, reliance on general opportunities

In any words above, they have all positive meanings.

英語がおかしければご指摘ください(日本語も...)。サンキュ〜 ;-)

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